Hoe het delen van jouw ervaringen jonge studenten kan helpen richting te geven aan hun toekomst. Bij Codam draait het niet alleen om hard skills zoals programmeren. Wij willen de studenten een brede visie geven op hoe programmeren wordt ingezet op professioneel vlak. Codam daagt de studenten uit om innovatieve denkers van de toekomst te worden.

CodamX is een platform waar experts technische en niet-technische ervaring kunnen delen en use cases kunnen presenteren waarbij zij kunnen laten zien hoe bijvoorbeeld programmeren tot een oplossing heeft geleid. CodamX heeft als doel om een dialoog op te starten tussen de studenten en de professionals. Voor professionals is dit de mogelijkheid om potentieel talent vroeg te ontmoeten en hun ervaringen te delen. Voor de studenten bied dit een kans om hun netwerk te vergroten en geinspireerd te raken om zich te ontwikkelen in een bepaalde richting in tech.

Wil jij een talk geven bij CodamX? Ben je bijvoorbeeld een engineer, een developer of een C-level executive? Vul dan dit formulier in, en wij komen zo snel mogelijk bij je terug.

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Finding inspiration through diversity

22/01/2020, 16:00

Coming from a background of poverty, Christina Moreno dropped out of high school at 16, became a mom at 18, and was on social benefits with no promising future at all. Yet after a life-altering event with her case worker she decided to pursue a degree in law. Today, she is the founder and CEO of She Matters, a social enterprise recruitment agency working towards the social and economic empowerment of migrant and refugee women.

Vorige talks
1579173035 codam obs sanne maasakkers afp

Hackers vs Developers

New year, new pwnage! In this talk Sanne Maasakkers will show you the recent achievements and great hacks in our customers’ web applications and software, including things developers did to make it fairly easy or quite hard for us to pwn. She will give you a glimpse into the universe of hacking the world’s most secure software. Disclaimer: multiple systems were harmed during the collection of this talk’s footage.

1578563585 codam obs carmen podar

Software development beyond coding

I was in the last year of university and I ended up in a Java internship. The internship was intense, 5 days a week from 8 to 12 hours a day. It was hard, but my efforts paid off. I will talk about the good and the bad, the lessons learned over almost 13 years of software development. Topics covered: approaching a new project/framework, interaction with teammates and clients and how to stay up-to-date in such a fast-evolving technological landscape. This session will deliver tips and tricks anyone can use straight away for becoming a software professional.

1576084473 codam obs stefan leijnen afp

Artificial Creativity - Thinking Inside the Box

In the recent years we have seen breakthroughs in the possibilities of creative software. Game-playing agents developed by Deepmind are capable of learning surprisingly original solutions. Deep learning allows anyone to create paintings in the style of famous artists. Other computational tools are now used to inspire and guide human designers. In this talk, we will look at examples of computational creativity that use deep learning, consider if they qualify as being truly creative, and discuss what additional steps would be necessary for artificial creativity.

1575537074 codamxaim20191204

How talking to customers will make you a coding superhero

As a coder you want to make great products. So why is it that a great product does not get picked up by customers? Understanding what customers want is key to creating really successful products. If you can combine you development skills with customers skills you have the potential to become a super hero! In this talk we will share our learnings on how you can best listen to your customer and improve the products you make. We will teach you that it is not scary, it is actually fun to do and that you can get some great insights.

1574928772 codamobs nieneboeijenafp

Geo visualisations for the web - going beyond Google Maps

Present-day, maps are no longer printed on paper, 2D and flat. Maps are dynamic, interactive and online. We no longer go to maps to find out where we are. Instead, the maps tell us where we are and they form around us on the fly. Web Cartography overlaps the worlds of GIS, Web Technology and Design. A modern cartographer has to be able to find, manipulate and store geo-spatial data, design the functional and cartographic representation of the map and implement this all through code! In this talk Niene will take you through the Web Map Universe, beyond Google Maps.

1573663273 codam obs emily jacometti afp

An entrepreneurs' journey in Gamification

Do you know what it takes to build a company? In the media success seems to occur in a straight line from 0-100. The reality is a little different. Jacometti has spend the last decade building several companies that use gamification to solve complex societal issues and will take you along on her journey from beginning to failures, starting again en building towards success. Jacometti will talk about the design method they use, showcases, culture, finance and other aspects that come with being an entrepreneur. She will also answer any question on business.

1573204597 codam obs bas trietsch afp


Culturing hundreds of miniature human organs, such as mini-livers, mini-kidneys or mini-brains, on Organ-on-Chip devices allows scientists to develop new drugs for patients faster. Cutting edge biology is combined with advanced data analysis, image analysis and machine learning to understand complex diseases. In this talk we will discuss the latest progress Mimetas is making towards advanced cell culture and the data science needed to find the next generation of medicines.

1573204599 codam obs hajar mokhtafa afp


A good developer is skilled at writing code. A great one is skilled at writing code and so much more. Algorithms and data structures will simply get you the job but these skills alone — awesome as they are — will not prepare you for a successful career in engineering. So, how exactly do developers go from capable to good? From good to great? Hajar Mokhtafa will take you on a journey where she will share her own experience starting from a coding bootcamp herself, to now being a fully fledged Developer creating value for the top companies in The Netherlands.