Can I still apply to Codam?
Yes, absolutely. A part of your application process is online. Actually, being in quarantine might be a good moment to do the online test considering it takes 2 hours and 10 minutes in total. We encourage you to start the online test, and soon as we are open again, enroll to the check-in right away!

Are you still organizing check-ins?
For now, we decided to cancel all currently planned check-ins at Codam as a safety measure, and we are looking into organizing these check-ins online instead. However, if we decide to do this, the online check-ins will only be available to female candidates, as communicated before COVID-19.
If we do decide to organize online check-ins, female candidates can expect an email from Lisa from Codam with more information on dates and process. Otherwise, you can expect an email from the same person as soon as we open in-person check-ins at Codam again.
For male applicants, nothing has changed and we will still open new check-in dates for the Selection Piscines of 2021 a year before the Selection Piscine starts. If you’re curious about those dates, you can find them when you finish your online test on

Are the Selection Piscines this summer 2020 still happening?
Due to the ongoing epidemic and out of precaution, we have decided to move the June 2020 Selection Piscine to September 2020. All the candidates from the June 2020 Selection Piscine are informed about this decision. There are no governmental guidelines imposing such measures at the moment, but we want to put yours and others' safety first. For now, the Selection Piscines of July and August 2020 remain as planned. We will keep following the government's advice in case of any changes. As soon as this has an effect on the candidates in the July or August Selection Piscine of 2020, we will reach out to the candidates by email.

What does this mean for Codam students?
Codam is entirely built on an educational model that is best lived in the facility we built for them. For this reason, our team decided the following: