The skills you develop at Codam, are not limited to one job or industry! Of course you learn to code, but more importantly: you learn how to learn! With learning to learn, we mean that throughout your studies at Codam, you develop skills to stay curious, to stay relevant and to build the confidence to try out any challenge coming your way. The sky is the limit! And exactly those skills you need for any future job. That means that because of the skills you develop at Codam, you can apply to any dream job you want!

At our sister school 42, there are already thousands of alumni. So based on that, we can already give you an idea of your possible future:


Below are examples of positions currently being held by former 42 students plus the average yearly salary according to and on the yearly salaries by graduated 42 students.


The curriculum exposes a set of 17 skills, which are both soft and hard skills,for instance: group and interpersonal experience, parallel computing, algorithms and A.I., ... When creating a new project, the education team will assign relevant skills to it. Upon completion you will earn experience points for these skills, allowing you to build experience towards a specific set of skills by selecting projects that you like.

The freedom of the curriculum gives everyone the opportunity to experience their unique journey towards building up their own skillset. Each student finishing the curriculum is therefore unique in comparison to each other. Plotting these skills on a graph for each student creates a digital print of their journey through the curriculum. Some of these digital prints can be similar to real world profiles, or potentially become something entirely new. It's up to you. Here you can see some examples of these digital prints from real alumni.

Former 42

As you may have read, we are a pretty young school. Nevertheless we are part of the 42 network. We offer exactly the same curriculum and we also expect to show the same succes within 2-3 years as our sister schools have. For now we want to show you where an education of the 42 network can take you. Here you can see former 42 students that come from a diverse range of backgrounds and now all have a job in an environment they enjoy. Eventough these are not students from Amsterdam, we would still like to show you the possibilities and hopefully inspire you to take on the same challenge they took.

What companies

There is a big need for developers and other roles in tech. This is noticable in many sectors. Almost every big company has a need and understand the influence Codam has in solving this issue. But don't take it from us. Read it yourself in the testimonials these companies gave and what their opinion is about Codam's education.

Take the challenge!

Are you excited about Codam? Apply now to start your application! Reminder: at every step of the application you can pause, there is no rush!