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The need for IT professionals

There is a huge lack of IT Professionals in the market. The current estimates suggest that 500,000 people are needed in Europe, 55,000 in the Netherlands alone. We at Codam are working to fill that gap.

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Beyond traditional education

Here at Codam, we go beyond traditional education. We use a unique educational model and project-based curriculum. It's similar to how you work in a company. Here you work towards the completion of projects instead of the passing of exams.

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Gender equality

Gender equality is top prioritiy at Codam, which is why we reserve a number of spots in each Selection Piscine to be given to women. We are actively trying to change the image of tech as a 'man's world': coding and Codam is for everyone.

Founder Corinne Vigreux
on 42

Codam's curriculum was pioneered at the 42 programming school, located in Paris and San Francisco. 42 first opened its Parisian campus in 2013 in response to the growing IT workforce gap in France, and it now hosts more than 3000 aspiring developers at its flagship campus.

As a member of the 42 Network, Codam's curriculum is constantly updated, maintained and expanded through its partner members, including industry leaders and companies desiring to train our students with the most current systems and methodologies. This ensures that all Codam students graduate with a ready-to-use skillset, and more importantly, with the know-how to update that skillset whenever needed.

Worldwide network of schools

By joining Codam, you become a part of the 42 Network, a global partnership of 20 campuses across 4 continents, all working together to educate better.

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Want to discover more about Codam?

If you are curious about Codam and want to know more, we organise monthly open days also called Check-ins. During the Check-in, you get the chance to meet the team and get all the information needed. If you already did the test and passed, you have the opportunity to directly subscribe to the Selection Piscine during the Check-in!