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* The share of women in regular computer science courses is 10% (VHTO)

Innovative education
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High-quality curriculum

Here at Codam, we go beyond traditional education. We use a unique educational model and project-based curriculum designed by experts in close collaboration with businesses. The projects are structured in such a way that students remain accurate in a rapidly changing world.

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Accessibility is key

Codam is accessible to everyone. It is all about talent, the will to learn, and perseverance. It does not matter what you have done in the past or which qualifications you have. How the program is structured is not comparable to MBO, HBO, or WO; as we know it in the Netherlands, we have our path.

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Close links to the labor market

We train students how to program, but more importantly, we train them learning to learn. Students develop skills like curiosity, relevancy, and confidence that will help them to tackle every challenge.

Founder Corinne Vigreux
on 42

42 was founded in Paris in 2013 and has now thousands of students and alumni. The curriculum is designed by experts who - after years of working at renowned French institutions of higher computer science education - believed education could be done differently.

Since its creation, 42 has become a worldwide network that unites campuses around the world. With 31 campuses, 10.000 engineers are trained per year with a 100% employment rate.

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How you can contribute
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Share knowledge during CodamX

At Codam, we believe in the power of sharing knowledge, and the impact those stories can have when they are brought together by passionate and visionary people. The CodamX talk series is an exclusive setup to create an open discussion between our students and professionals who are using technology on a daily basis. Read more here

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The curriculum includes two full-time internships of 4 to 6 months, to apply the skills learned in a work environment. Codam has a platform on which companies can post internship offers to bring it to the attention of students. Read more here

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Support the students

Codam does not fit into one of the three traditional boxes of MBO/HBO/WO education. It means that students do not have access to financing support (studiefinanciering), travel cards and student housing. You can help our students by supporting our campaign for special recognition for innovative educational concepts to make sure that Codam students obtain the same rights as regular students.
Read the letter from students here!
Read Codam's position paper here!

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