Our mission

Codam prepares the next generation for the jobs of today and tomorrow by offering a high-quality and scalable software engineering education to a diverse and large number of people.

The need for Codam

There is a significant shortage of software engineers around the world. Estimates suggest that 500.000 IT professionals are needed in Europe, of which 55.000 are required in the Netherlands, and the demand is only increasing. Traditional education is not equipped to solve for the growing shortages and, paired with the limited training available, potential talent goes undiscovered and underused. .

Codam offers a unique and accessible model that educates a diverse group of people in an effective and scalable way. We reach students from different backgrounds, ages, and gender. This includes individuals who have never imagined that programming could be something for them and those for whom programming was previously unattainable.

  • 1.

    Every student receives an average of 3 job offers during their studies.

  • 2.

    Students are typically hired within the first month after graduating.

  • 3.

    Alumni receive a starting salary ranging between 40- 45K per year for their first job.


  • Making a difference

    Open to everyone, peer-to-peer learning, and free of charge

  • Learning to learn

    Don’t know it yet? Ask again tomorrow

  • Nurturing diversity & inclusion

    Our differences drive innovation

  • Providing equitable chances

    Considerate of individual circumstances and needs

  • Going above and beyond

    Passionate, engaged and committed to the cause

Corinne Vigreux

Ten years ago, I set up the Sofronie foundation that focuses on education, social mobility, and inclusion. I have always been passionate about innovation and technology. I want young people, irrespective of their education, economic background, or financial ability, to have a better chance of maximizing their potential.

I founded Codam in 2018. It is a school that is everything but a regular school, delivering the future's skills and mindset. Codam is receiving free funding from the Sofronie Foundation to cover all its expenses. The Sofronie Foundation has no stipulations as to how Codam uses the funds, nor are Codam students attached to strings.

Today, technology is fundamental everywhere in society. I believe we have joint responsibility. We all must work together to provide tech education access, not just to the privileged but to anyone with the will and drive to learn.

As a tech entrepreneur, I am very aware of the shortage of competent software engineers and digital visionaries. We not only need more people with the right skills. The right mindset, drive, and creativity are also essential. Codam will make it easier for people to kick-start a tech career and take part in the economic growth the region is currently experiencing.

After meeting Xavier Niel, a French entrepreneur who pioneered a progressive programming school called 42, I brought Codam to life. I was fascinated with the idea, and by the results, he was achieving. The school's students develop the right soft skills for working in the tech industry and, as a result, get multiple job offers. Based on the same ethos and principles, I decided to build on Xavier's work and start a coding college in Amsterdam."

Based on 42


42 was founded in Paris in 2013 and now has thousands of students and alumni. The Curriculum was designed by experts who - after years of working at renowned French institutions of higher computer science education - believed education could be done differently.

Since its creation, 42 has grown to become a worldwide network that unites campuses around the world. Across 33 campuses in 21 countries, 9000+ engineers are trained each year with a 100% employment rate.

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