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Codam is a full-time, free programming college in the heart of Amsterdam. At Codam, you learn to program like a pro within 3.5 years using our unique peer learning curriculum. No teachers, no books - just you and your peers learning from each other! We are a community for everyone, and we believe that no matter your background you can achieve anything in Codam. The only condition we have is that you are older than 18; but that's it!

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about us
We do things different

At Codam, we don't have teachers, classrooms, semesters or books. Next to that, you don't pay tuition fees, it is entirely free. You might wonder, what do we have?


Codam is entirely tuition fee free. There are 240 iMacs for you to use, as well as free coffee, tea, 'krentenbollen' and fruit. You can decide where you do your internship or where you end up working, and everything you make here is your property. How is that possible? It’s because Codam is a not-for-profit. This helps to ensure anyone can join. We believe there should be nothing between you and your success.


Anyone can code, regardless of age, gender or background. Everyone can learn how to. To join Codam, you do not need any diplomas, training or other certificates. We start from absolute scratch. As long as you have the will to learn, you can learn to code.


One of the keys to Codam’s success is our peer-to-peer learning model. Peer-to-peer learning means: you find the answers to any issue through your own research and help from your peers. You ask the people around you for help, help those around you when asked, and discover together how to solve problems you did not (yet) know how to solve. With your peers and the internet, there is nothing you cannot solve. An integral part of Codam is going beyond programming: learning how to learn. Only by learning to learn and work with others you can stay up to date with the latest developments.


At Codam our curriculum is project based. This means that you choose a project from the curriculum and hit the ground running. These projects have been carefully created by experts, becoming increasingly more difficult, to challenge our students no matter their level. They have been designed in such a way as to ensure you get challenged, but also, that the projects are indeed possible. In every project, you discover that you can handle a bit more than what you thought possible. Many of the projects require a group to complete them. This helps ensure that you are always learning new things from your peers.


Codam is and will always be for everyone, no matter your schedule. To achieve that, Codam is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There is always a member of our security staff on site, and most of our staff if available throughout the day, even just for a chat. We have two large open spaces we call clusters, both full of iMacs. In addition, we have a custom built gameroom, a giant life-sized chess board, a growing library section, music room, lego area, with couches and bean bags throughout. We even have showers! We have what you need to make your time at Codam the most constructive it can be.
about us
Where it
all started

Codam is a new, innovative school, in the heart of Amsterdam. Based on the revolutionary education model of the French school 42 that founded in Paris by tech-entrepreneur Xavier Niel. With impressive results (100% of graduates found a job in the industry) 42 has inspired others around the world to use the model. In September 2018, Codam opened its doors as the Dutch sister school to 42, using the same successful curriculum.

Corinne Vigreux, co-founder of TomTom, was inspired by Xavier Niel. With a passion for innovation and technology, she decided to set up her own programming college like 42. Corinne had first hand seen the shortage of programmers, so she decided to take action. It is the goal of both Codam and Corinne to help ensure that the world of tomorrow is shaped by people from all corners of society and the world.

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What does it mean to be part of the 42 Network? If you want, after one year, you have the chance to move to another campus and finish your studies there. At the same time, this means students from other countries can also join us, creating a real worldwide network.

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School in Amsterdam
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Our curriculum is divided into multiple steps. It's set up as a game, with the ability to gain levels and achievements through the completion of projects. The end goal is to reach level 21. Once you have reached level 21, you are ready to find a job.

Everyone starts at the same place to ensure everyone has a strong programming foundation to build upon. Here at Codam, you can learn to do anything from programming an A.I. to game graphics. Nobody tells you what route you must take, it is up to you! You are in charge of your own future. If you are not sure what your passion is, you are free to try all the routes until you find it. It’s all up to you.

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Life after

After Codam you can go anywhere. You can start your own company, or join the aerospace industry, or even advance the field of programming. The sky is the limit! In the end, once you’ve finished at Codam you’ll have the ability to learn how to learn. This means you can bring your programming to any field and help improve it. You’ll be able to handle anything any industry throws at you. There are many students from 42 and our other sister schools that have advanced the fields they’ve joined. Feel free to read what they’ve done after their education.

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Codam is for everyone, no matter where you come from, or what you did in the past. We have no prejudices. If you’re creative, curious, if you unsure of your life's path, if you like solving problems, working on projects and working with people on some difficult tasks, this could be for you. Try the online test today and visit us on an open day.

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The road
to Codam


2 hours




Informative introduction
to Codam


4 weeks

Selection month


3,5 years

Start of the curriculum

The road to Codam consists of multiple steps; an online test, attending a Check-in, and the Selection Piscine. The first step is the online game, in which you have 2 hours to get as far as you can, so take your time. If you pass the online game you can sign up for the Check-in at the next step - This is an introduction presentation where you’ll get the chance to have all your questions answered. Here you can sign up for step 3, the Selection Piscine - This a test period of 4 weeks that you’ll spend in Codam. It’s a tough task, however, it’s unforgettable. After this month you’ll know for sure if Codam is for you. You can always exit the admission process at any time. You’re not tied to anything.

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Want to discover more about Codam?

If you are curious about Codam and want to know more, we organise monthly open days also called Check-ins. During the Check-in, you get the chance to meet the team and get all the information needed. If you already did the test and passed, you have the opportunity to directly subscribe to the Selection Piscine during the Check-in!