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We do things differently

There are many things at Codam that are different from the traditional education institutions. We have no pre-admission requirements, no tuition fees, no teachers, classrooms, or semesters. We don’t look at grades, recommendations, or previous education results. Anyone 18 years or older is welcome to apply.


Codam covers the tuition of all their students without expecting anything in return. Knowledge should be open and accessible to everyone, without fees. Everyone should have the chance to become a qualified software engineer, regardless of their background. The only investment students have to make is time and willingness to learn.


Anyone can code, regardless of age, gender or background. Students do not need previous experience in programming to join Codam. Students will learn the necessary skills from scratch. Codam attracts an unconventional pool of candidates, and that's why we have such a wide variety of talent.


Peer learning at Codam primarily focuses on promoting student engagement. Peer instruction adds value in its ability to encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovation. Students will be taught to find solutions to new problems as they arise instead of being taught the specifics of how to solve one. Together with other peers,Codam students will take on challenging projects in the curriculum by giving and receiving information and alternating between teaching and learning; Codam students adapt and progress rapidly through their projects.


Our curriculum is entirely project based. The curriculum is designed so the students are constantly learning, even if it's only learning what they don't know.
It's not just us saying it
Is this for you?

Codam is for everyone, no matter where they come from or what they did in the past. We have no prejudices. We believe that everyone can become a software engineer. But don't just take our word for it…

Codam in figures

Codam is part of the #42network, with 9.000 students around the world, who are all studying to become qualified software engineers using the same curriculum and the same educational model!

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The road to Codam
How to


2 hours




Informative introduction
to Codam


4 weeks

Selection month


3,5 years

Start of the curriculum

To join Codam, applicants have to take three steps; an online test, attending a Check-in event, and joining the Selection Piscine.

The first step is to take an online test that needs to be one on a desktop. The applicant has 2 hours to get as far as they can. If they pass the online game, they can sign up for the Check-in event at the next step - This is an introduction presentation where they’ll have the chance to have all their questions answered.

The last step is the Selection Piscine.The Piscine (‘Pool’ in french) is part of the admission process and is a 28-day coding challenge in which only motivation, willpower, and hard work will keep you afloat. Seven days a week, day and night. It’s a challenging task, but many students consider it one of the best and most challenging parts of their Codam experience. After this month, applicants know for sure if Codam and the Curriculum is something for them. Anyone can exit the admission process anytime they want, and no one is tied to anything.

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Reminder: At every step of the application you can pause, there is no rush!