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David Giron

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‘A programming language is only as good as its type system.’

David has more than 15 years of experience in education. “Education should be free and accessible to everyone, but it must be relevant. Becoming a skilled software engineer requires commitment.

I’m proud that Codam delivers high-quality education in an inclusive, safe, and welcoming environment.”
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Roos Peters

Deputy General Manager
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“Always be learning!”

Roos graduated in Sociology with a focus on education. After working as a strategic consultant who advised schools on their strategic and team performances, she joined Codam to work for an organization on a mission.

“The world is changing, and it’s time for our education system to change too. Codam shows that education can be done differently. It is my mission to make people aware of the value of Codam."

1618307909 rene

Rene de Groen

Facility Manager
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I love working at Codam because I feel everything comes together. Passionate tech talent, communication, and facilities.

Within the past twenty-five years, Rene worked in the food industry in production, facility management, project management, and purchasing.

“It’s my goal to ensure that students can get the most out of Codam.”

1618307930 thomas

Thomas Nogueira

IT Manager
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“People are prone to taking mental shortcuts. They may know that they shouldn’t give out certain information, but the fear of not being nice or appearing ignorant are triggers, which can be used to convince a person to override established security procedures.” (Kevin Mitnick)

Thomas is a senior IT consultant & Linux System Integration Engineer on a mission to help human species evolution.

1618307954 victoria2

Victoria Ous

Partnerships & Talent Manager
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“I have not failed. I have found 10,000 ways that don’t work.” — (Thomas Edison).

Victoria led an incubator, impact accelerator, and an accelerator that reshaped the European investment scene and spread a knowledge-sharing mentality.

“I want to bridge the gap of tech talent by ensuring that Codam students have access to positions and are connected to tech experts and industry leaders.
1618307978 p1020321

Yasmine Najja-Brouwer

Marketing and Communication Manager
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Create something worth reading about or writing about - (Benjamin Franklin).

Within the past five years, Yasmine worked in Marketing and Communication in emerging and developing countries.

“I consider marketing as an art. It’s a chance to interact with others and let them discover your product. I joined Codam because I care about giving back to the world, and so does Codam.”

1618307281 xv01494

Estelle Tieberghien

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Estelle originally graduated from King's College London in Philosophy, but then changed careers to join 42Paris.

“Because 42 made me the programmer I am today, I’m happy to give of my time, experience, and energy to help future generations of software developers reach their full potential.”

1618308515 benita

Benita Mendes de Leon

Student Counselor
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Codam is a great and challenging place to work as a student counselor. Because it is such an innovative educational system, it's very interesting to see what kind of influence this has on everyone at Codam. My job is therefore challenging to be able to coach students where needed. I am proud that I get to be part of an environment where young and talented people can grow.
The board
1561463241 1539523710 corinne min

Corinne Vigreux

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As a tech entrepreneur, I am acutely aware of the shortage of good software engineers and digital visionaries. Through the work my foundation has done on improving social mobility over the past 10 years, I've come across so much untapped talent. Codam is bringing the two together. The school will be a home to a diverse community of students learning together the skills that will prepare them for the future of work and secure them employment anywhere in the world. They will be able to join a company with a cause and a culture they share, or start their own!
1539523762 harold min

Harold Goddijn

Board Member
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Amsterdam has been a centre of technology-driven innovation and collaboration for centuries – from the Golden Age to recent times with the influx of disruptive start-ups. It’s therefore only right for Codam to open its doors here, nurturing a new pool of motivated and diverse coding talent critical to the success of technology companies like TomTom. Codam’s ethos around peer-to-peer learning sets students up with the right skillset for success in a professional environment.
1561463701 1539523752 janneke min

Janneke Niessen

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Technology is rapidly growing as one of our most important aspects in our daily lives and work. In technology, companies and jobs of tomorrow are being created. Therefore, it is important that products and services we use are inclusive, which asks for a diverse group of people in technology. In my role as boardmember at Codam, I focus to take care that we have as many diversity in students at Codam.
1618308702 ontwerp zonder titel

Paul Zevenbergen

Board Member
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Paul Zevenbergen has served as chairman at various educational boards such as Grotius College Delft, the Ministry of Education, Public education in Rotterdam and quality assurance of higher education in The Netherlands and Europe. He is director of WACE, a worldwide network on work-integrated learning. His expertise lies in sustainable development with a societal purpose. "“For me it is such a great and inspiring opportunity to contribute to CODAM’s unique concept of very accessible higher education, providing equal opportunities and meeting society’s demand for talented tech professionals!"
1563543009 daniel

Daniel Roos

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Daniël Roos started his carreer in banking, after which he worked as a consultant. However, that did not bring him the satisfaction he longed for, 15 years ago he therefore made a rigorous decision: he resigned and set up JINC. The starting point: changing society for the better. Not by analyzing problems, but by doing something. Together with the business community and education JINC has been helping children from an environment with a socio-economic disadvantage on their way to a good start in the labor market.