Here is a short roadmap of how to get into Codam. There are three steps. First, you must pass the online test. To be able to apply you have to be 18 years or older. Once you completed the test, you can sign up for a Check-in and from there you can sign up to the Selection Piscine. Below you can find a more in-depth look at each step of the road, as well as how they link to each other.


2 hours




Informative introduction
to Codam


4 weeks

Selection month


3,5 years

Start of the curriculum

The online

Everyone that wants to participate in a Piscine must first take an online test. This is a game designed to last about two hours. In this game, you will work your way through multiple levels. The goal is to get as far as you can in the time allotted. Every day we will evaluate these games and you will receive your result via email.

Do the test!

The Check-in is your opportunity to meet us at Codam. You will get to meet students already studying at Codam, have a guided tour around Codam to see our students hard at work, watch a presentation about Codam and finally ask us all of your questions. We have multiple Check-ins throughout the year which you can sign up for after passing the online test. At the end of the Check-in, you’ll get the opportunity to choose the Selection Piscine you would like to participate in.

Join Check-in
The Selection

In other studies or schools there sometimes are tests you have to take to get into a school. In others there is a prior education you must have completed before you can get in. Our biggest part of the application proces is the Piscine. And it's pretty special. A lot of students that start the Piscine, are not quite sure of what to expect. It's really different from what other schools do. Where in other schools you perhaps find out after 6 months if the education is for you, at Codam you figure it out in 1 month without being attached to anything.


The Piscine is meant to detect profiles that would be a good fit for our type of educational model.


This month is build up to be able to start from scratch. You will learn how to start programming in C and this will give you some foundation in the workings of this programming language. No prior knowledge of coding is needed, or any other knowledge of tech. The only thing you need is willpower!


In total we have 3 Piscines every year in the summer. In each Piscine we have 120 potential future students at the start. We strive to make these Piscines as diverse as possible and give everyone a fair start to a future at Codam.


The Piscine is a challenge. You will code everyday for 4 weeks straight. And if we say everyday, we actually mean everyday. It's meant to be a deep dive, where you find out if you like code and if you would enjoy our educational model.


If you make the selection or not, everyone that took part in the Piscine feels like it has been a great experience. You bond over learning all these new things in such a short amount of time.
Want to discover more about Codam?

If you are curious about Codam and want to know more, we organise monthly open days also called Check-ins. During the Check-in, you get the chance to meet the team and get all the information needed. If you already did the test and passed, you have the opportunity to directly subscribe to the Selection Piscine during the Check-in!