Join our Open Day

Are you considering learning to program at Codam? Awesome! Our Open Day is the perfect way for you to get to know Codam.

Compared to traditional education, Codam takes a different approach. We have:

  • No qualification requirements;
  • No teachers or professors;
  • No 9-5 restrictions - we're open 24/7;
  • No semesters or schedules;
  • No tuition fee!

Get ready to make Codam your place to learn, develop, and make friends for life, in the vibrant city center of Amsterdam!


Read what our students have to say.

I studied at a Dutch university and completed a masters in cancer research, however it lacked the hands-on learning that Codam provides. At Codam you learn programming by applying it immediately in your code.

Codam is a safe place to learn anything I want to without pressure. I learned how curiosity and courage inspired confidence.

I am a 24 year old college drop out and spent the last few years organizing parties and making music as a DJ. When I read about Codam in the newspaper, I immediately signed up and took the test. I'm still glad that I made that choice!

As a Graphic Designer I worked alongside the digital teams of advertising agencies which sparked my interest in tech. I love Codam’s peer-to-peer learning model and flexibility which gave me new perspectives.

Register for the Open Day

During the Open Day, our team will give a presentation and tell you what you can expect from our educational model and curriculum. Our students will share their experiences. After the presentation, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and take a tour of the building.

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