We added the frequently asked questions here below in broad categories. If you feel like your question has not really been answered, you can look at the other subjects in the chat.


  • No, Codam is NOT a Bootcamp. It is a full-time study that requires at least 40 hours a week to complete and is a 2 years program.

Admission Process

  • The application starts with the online test at apply.codam.nl. The test can be done at any point in time. It takes 2 hours and 10 minutes and must be completed in one session. After passing the test, the next step is to attend a Check-In event. The events will be made public through the apply.codam.nl page and our social channels. After the check-in, it is possible to sign up for the final step: a Selection Piscine.

Educational Model

  • There are no teachers as Codam is based on peer-to-peer learning, which means students learn from and with each other. Students must work together to learn and discover new concepts, one step at a time. There is the educational staff who created the framework and curriculum. The staff is also available for all questions that are not coding related.

Selection Piscine

  • The Selection Piscine, or just Piscine, is a 4-week-long trial period. During the Piscine, the candidate will discover the basics of programming from scratch. This period will be very intensive and requires commitment. Anyone who passes the Selection Piscine will be allowed to study at Codam.

Job Perspective

  • Students have been able to find jobs at all sorts of companies from worldwide leading tech companies such as Adidas or TomTom to corporates or startups. Some even begin their own startup after finishing school. The sky's the limit.


  • As Codam is not officially recognized by the Dutch government, Codam students cannot apply for student benefits finance which includes a scholarship and travel card.