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Codam is designed to bring digital talent into the industry.

Employers want to have confidence in recruiting and what the talent pipeline looks like based on needs. Students are always ready for internships, traineeships or full-time jobs at Codam because we don't have an academic calendar. It is possible to recruit students and graduates the entire year around.

Becoming a (hiring) partner provides access to highly trained candidates with zero cost involved in the recruitment process. We can also help in understanding the needs of an organization and match with the ideal candidate.

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Of the companies that hired a Codam student would recruit another Codam student

Why Codam students?

  • 1.

    Problem solvers

    Codam students find their own solutions by identifying, acquiring, and applying the relevant knowledge without any guidance.

  • 2.

    Project owners

    Codam Students are capable of creating their own fully functioning programs from the ground up; they must also defend their solution every time they present their work for evaluation.

  • 3.


    Thanks to our hands-on learning method, Codam students require less onboarding time and deliver value faster.

  • 4.

    High autonomy

    Due to the independent nature of our curriculum, students are self-starting, self-motivating, and trained to learn and deliver by their own means.

  • 5.

    Team players

    Students at Codam collaborate continuously with their peers on their projects and evaluate each other’s work to strict standards.


Since Codam doesn't follow the academic calendar, students are ready for internships and employment on an ongoing, year-round basis. Companies and organizations can recruit according to their business needs instead of waiting for the traditional summer or fall intern.



Learning from experienced professionals and facing real-life challenges are crucial throughout a Codam student’s entire educational journey. Share your knowledge with our students, or test Codam talent by giving them a challenge!


Hire a Codam student

Codam is designed to bring diverse talent into the tech industry.

Organisations recruit and create talent pipelines based on their needs. Codam always has students who are ready for the job market because we don’t have an academic calendar. It is possible to recruit interns, trainees or full-time employees the entire year around.

Codam provides access to highly trained candidates with zero cost involved in the recruitment process. We can also help by understanding the needs of an organization and matching them with the ideal candidate.

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  • 4 to 6 months assignment
  • Remuneration: min €750

Hiring Codam Core interns is an opportunity to get early access to new tech talent with great potential. Students are eager to learn and have acquainted themselves with the fundamentals of programming such as parsing, memory management and writing clean and readable code which they can apply and advance in the context of an organization.

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  • 6 to 12 months program
  • Indicative remuneration: €2700 - €3300/month

Codam's model of peer-to-peer project based learning empowers our students with the social and administrative skills needed to excel in a traineeship. Choosing a Codam graduate for a technical traineeship means bringing on board a professional who not only has a solid technical skill set but also a proven capacity for continuous learning and innovation.

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Full-time Job

  • Min 6 months assignment
  • Indicative Remuneration: €3000 - €5500/ month

Any Codam student will quickly grow to become a valuable member of your team. Whether it's a fresh graduate with energy, or a professional with years of expertise, the Codam community has it all. The hands-on and collaborative nature of our education equips our graduates with the ability to adapt swiftly to new challenges, work effectively in dynamic teams, and approach complex problems with a systematic mindset.


I would recommend companies to hire Codam students. They are technically versed and great team players who have learned to collaborate well to identify, research and scope the problem to solve it.

Codam students adapt easily. When we told them we code in a different language, they said: just give me two weeks. They are true problem solvers and independent at the same time. It’s astonishing that they already know how to write scalable and production-ready code. They can add value from the start

The students from CODAM are smart, talented and come with great coding skills and the fact that they learn this via peer-peer coaching is unconventional!

We took on some Codam students last year and have had nothing but praise from our teams. Their knowledge, energy, and eagerness to learn are only some of the reasons we enjoyed working with Codam and the students so much. We are hugely excited to be a part of this year's program and are looking forward to having a few more students experience the Dott journey.

The students coming out of the Codam program are some of the most knowledgeable students I have come across, which is a testament to the college itself.

Students from Codam are really self-starters! The peer-to-peer methodology helps them to figure out things themselves rather than waiting for others to get them the info.

Students from Codam aren't only able to pick up new technologies and frameworks quickly, they are also eager to develop themselves on a personal level and learn more about the company they are working with. Our developers were surprised by what Codam taught its students in a limited time in comparison to traditional education, and by how quickly our intern integrated into the team both personally and professionally.

Codam's students have, in our experience, shown both technical and self-management skills.The ability of independently working on complex and not fully specified problems has been much appreciated.




Technical level




Fit in with existing team


Mission results




We believe in the importance of learning from experienced professionals and facing real-life challenges throughout our students' entire educational journey.


Showcasing inspiring stories from the tech scene

CodamX series invites industry professionals to dive into the variety of roles, fields, and applications of the tech spectrum. They contribute to the education and development of aspiring software engineers by explaining the real-world projects they work on and the technologies they use while emphasizing the best practices and recent trends in the market.

  • 1 hour session

  • Monthly basis

  • On-site and remote

Watch previous CodamX talks →

Event Testimonials

Challenge: Solve an assignment within 72 hours to get student’s technical, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills assessed by senior software engineers in the form of a 1 hour technical interview.

“Without exception, the students, some of whom have little more than a year of experience with software development, manage to complete really challenging programming exercises. A fantastic achievement. I have great respect for the attitude and perseverance with which they work on their future. And I have no doubt their future employers will recognize the good value.“

Challenge: Create a simulated scenario and demonstrate how algorithms are detecting bias decisions.

“I had a wonderful time with so many interested and hungry to learn young talents! The students all showed innovative solutions and tackled the problem in a unique manner which was great to see.”

Challenge: Develop retro games in JavaScript (Pacman, Tetris, and Space Invaders) to be applied on their TrueBike.

“All three teams managed to deliver a JavaScript application prototype by the end of the day; one team without any knowledge of Java Syntax yet!

It is great to see the enthusiasm of the Codam student teams applying their skills to our real live product, resulting in very cool proofs of concept. It is inspiring and fun to work with such a diverse group of students. They share curiosity and are keen to understand the underlying code.”


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