Codam, located in the heart of Amsterdam, is a place to learn, socialize, and build life-long friendships. It is a melting pot of students from diverse backgrounds. The thread that brings all Codam students together is the goal of becoming a software engineer from scratch. Codam has an inclusive, engaged, and active student community that understands learning should not only be an everyday experience, but also an enjoyable one. Every month a series of events are organized by both staff and students. Codam’s expanding and multifaceted community offers everything students need to work and socialize.

Why students pick Codam

High Quality

Codam’s curriculum consists of high quality peer-to-peer projects with a set of instructions that puts students at the center of the learning process. These projects offer an exciting challenge while remaining accessible.

Financial security

The tech industry continues to grow rapidly and, each year, more skilled programmers are needed. As a result, many students are attracted to Codam for the prospect of a successful and well paid job after graduation.


People work best at different times. Some are night owls, others are early birds. Codam is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to grant its students the freedom to make their own schedule, and to work when they feel most productive.

Community driven

Thanks to the strong community and peer-to-peer curriculum, students are very proactive and engaged. Whether it be helping a friend, arranging an event, or giving a tour, there is always someone to help with ideas and projects.

How satisfied are Codam students?

The outstanding results from our annual Student Satisfaction Survey show that Codam students are truly thriving.

*Results 2023 Student Satisfaction Survey
91 %

Is (very) likely to recommend Codam to others

93 %

Feels (very) welcome at Codam

91 %

Is (very) satisfied with Codam in general

92 %

Is (very) satisfied with the campus facilities


About the different houses


Codam has three houses (Cetus, Vela, and Pyxis) that each student is randomly sorted into at the start of their study. These houses, also called Coalitions, compete against one another throughout the year for the title of House of the Year.

Each student can earn points for their coalition by being an active member in the community. Validating projects, evaluating peers, and helping out around the school are a few of the many activities that reward students with points that go towards their coalition.


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