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David Giron

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As head of studies for 42 since its start in 2013, I contributed to the creation of this innovative learning environment and the impact it had on the students’ lives. Thanks to Corinne Vigreux and the trustees, I am thrilled to expand it to the Netherlands.
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Catherine Madinier

Head of Studies
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Codam is a revolution in the tech world! The market needs highly skilled developers, but also diversity in every shape and form. At the same time, many talented individuals need an alternative way to learn in order to be successful. And Codam is at the crossroads of all these needs. As Head of Studies I will do my very best to promote a safe and inclusive studying environment, excellency, and the highest ethical and intellectual standards in our beautiful school!
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Lisa Stamm

Communication Manager
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I am crazy proud to be part of this team at Codam! It is a great honor to bring education to people from all walks of life. Students from all over the Netherlands, the world, with different backgrounds and stories. As Communication Manager at Codam, I try to share our story everywhere: online, at events, in the media, you name it!
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Lucas Vonk

Education Assistant
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A year before I joined Codam, I studied AI. I noticed the conventional education system was not fit for me, dropped out, and got in touch with Codam, an awesome answer to the need for a new way of learning. I'm excited to realize this concept in Amsterdam and create an inclusive learning environment. I want to set the foundation for the strong and amazing Codam community. If you find any trouble on your path, come to me and I'll help you look for a solution. Or come and chill if you're code keeps driving you insane!
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Michèle de Bruyn

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I studied Social Sciences and by sheer luck bumped into a coding bootcamp which introduced me to the world of webdevelopment. And I never looked back. I am very happy to be part of the Codam mission and will do my best to give the students the same life changing experience I personally had when I got introduced to code.
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Mick Blaauw de Jonge

AV Engineer
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Hi! At Codam as a AV Engineer I am responsible for everything audio and visual. It is amazing to be able to create new experiences everyday. We host great speakers in our Auditorium and often stream these events live. This way we share the story of Codam and her students to the world.
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Rene de Groen

Facility Manager
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Fascinated by Facility. And a passion for young adults and... communication. At Codam, these values come together in a very special way. Creating the right conditions for students to get the best out of Codam: that is my mission.
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Roos Peters

Head of Administration
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Pippi Longstocking said it best: ‘I have never yet done it, so I think I can do it!’ At Codam, I am responsible for the day-to-day business including administration, legal and HR. Passionate about constantly challenging myself, I believe Codam is an amazing place for people to be challenged, make dreams come true and have fun!
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Thomas Nogueira

IT Manager
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“People are prone to taking mental shortcuts. They may know that they shouldn’t give out certain information, but the fear of not being nice, the fear of appearing ignorant, the fear of a perceived authority figure – all these are triggers, which can be used to convince a person to override established security procedures.” Kevin Mitnick
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Benita Mendes de Leon

Student Counselor
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Codam is a great and challenging place to work as a student counselor. Because it is such an innovative educational system, it's very interesting to see what kind of influence this has on everyone at Codam. My job is therefore challenging to be able to coach students where needed. I am proud that I get to be part of an environment where young and talented people can grow.
The board
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Corinne Vigreux

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As a tech entrepreneur, I am acutely aware of the shortage of good software engineers and digital visionaries. Through the work my foundation has done on improving social mobility over the past 10 years, I've come across so much untapped talent. Codam is bringing the two together. The school will be a home to a diverse community of students learning together the skills that will prepare them for the future of work and secure them employment anywhere in the world. They will be able to join a company with a cause and a culture they share, or start their own!
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Harold Goddijn

Board Member
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Amsterdam has been a centre of technology-driven innovation and collaboration for centuries – from the Golden Age to recent times with the influx of disruptive start-ups. It’s therefore only right for Codam to open its doors here, nurturing a new pool of motivated and diverse coding talent critical to the success of technology companies like TomTom. Codam’s ethos around peer-to-peer learning sets students up with the right skillset for success in a professional environment.
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Janneke Niessen

Board Member
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Technology is rapidly growing as one of our most important aspects in our daily lives and work. In technology, companies and jobs of tomorrow are being created. Therefore, it is important that products and services we use are inclusive, which asks for a diverse group of people in technology. In my role as boardmember at Codam, I focus to take care that we have as many diversity in students at Codam.
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Ruben Nieuwenhuis

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Ruben is entrepreneur, and now Entrepreneur in Residence acting as director TechConnect, spearheaded by the Amsterdam Economic Board. He was former director StartupAmsterdam and a driving force in connecting the leading Dutch Startup Initiatives & Tech Clusters into a catalyst program: StartupDelta. In 2018 his focussed shifted from ‘strengthening the startup & tech ecosystem’ towards —“ Talent Development & Education. Which is why he chose to advise Codam as a board member. His experience in the start-up & tech ecosystem will help bring Codam to the next level.
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Daniel Roos

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Daniël Roos started his carreer in banking, after which he worked as a consultant. However, that did not bring him the satisfaction he longed for, 15 years ago he therefore made a rigorous decision: he resigned and set up JINC. The starting point: changing society for the better. Not by analyzing problems, but by doing something. Together with the business community and education JINC has been helping children from an environment with a socio-economic disadvantage on their way to a good start in the labor market.
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If you are curious about Codam and want to know more, we organise monthly open days also called Check-ins. During the Check-in, you get the chance to meet the team and get all the information needed. If you already did the test and passed, you have the opportunity to directly subscribe to the Selection Piscine during the Check-in!